The Joyful Joy Foundation is committed to assisting clinics at the community level to realize major health care system reforms.  With our efforts beginning in Port Harcourt, the clinic we adopt will be supported to increase its capacity to sustainably provide a reliable package of health care services and operate more efficiently. Joyful Joy will advocate on behalf of the clinic with Local, State and Federal Government Health Authorities to work in accordance with their Plans of Action, as well as foster more successful relationships with participating communities who are responsible for setting their own priorities within their Community Plans of Action. 

Rare beauty exists in Africa and it is flourishing in technology, education and industry.  However, with much advancement, complexity still exists and people are dying on a daily basis from illnesses that can be prevented. Alarmingly, malaria alone takes the lives of 3,000 children each day. JJF has joined the global push to prevent illness, reduce untimely mortality rates and Spread More Joy!

The wealth of a nation should not be measured by the amount of money that flows through it, nor by it’s natural resources or commercial enterprise.  Instead, it should be measured by the health and well being of its people.  A sound investment to improve the quality of life amongst Africa’s people in need, will conversely contribute to the growth and development of the nation’s overall security and economic prosperity. When we help Africa, we help ourselves.

In recognition of Africa’s unparalleled beauty, JJF visualizes a future where the majority of its citizens are able to live a healthier life, with more equitable access to valuable health resources, education, and opportunities for economic prosperity. 



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