Children First


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Project Overview

The Children First initiative will be presented over the course of 14 dyas starting January 13th, 2014  and commencing on January 26th, 2014 at the Learnfast Comprehensive Academy, in conjunction with “Clean Water For Everyone”  to nearly 400 students and their community, in the Ilemba Hausa, Ajanbgbadi region of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Students at the identified school are currently utilizing a well that is contaminated and unsanitary toilets. With the Children First project, a water borehole system will be installed to provide students with sustainable access to clean water.  Student toilets will be upgraded to provide improved sanitation, tuition scholarships will be offered to select students on a merit basis and Joyful Joy will buy required text books for each and every student to lower the burden of education costs for an entire community.  A tap connected to the water system will be installed and placed outside of the school, allowing clean water access to approximately 20,000 community members. One day will be set aside for a Health and wellness workshop, welcoming all students and community members to participate in interactive discussions with medical practitioners, wherein free onsite testing will be provided for HIV and malaria.  Persons testing positive for malaria will be treated free of charge onsite.  Any persons who test positive for HIV will be connected with the appropriate resources.A c ommunity open forum discussion will be a part of the experience, providing and opportunity for individuals communitymembers to voice their concerns with pressing matters. 


Social Impact

Approximately 20,400 men, women and children will directly benefit from infrastructure improvements. 400 High School students will be able to enjoy a more dignified and sanitary day-to-day experience at school. These same students and their community will enjoy healthier lives, with significantly less sickness and suffering due to water born diseases. An entire community will be better educated on the prevention and treatment of malaria, a disease that can kill quicker than HIV!


Economic Impact

The school will see an increase in its overall performance.  With the added value, it will will likely see an increase in student enrollment and increased revenue. Families will spend less on treating illness and can invest their discretionary funds into the local economy, towards higher education, entrepreneurial interests, or towards savings. Local partners providing installation services and maintenance will also see long-term financial benefits.


Projected Costs

Based on previous completed projects, the estimated cost for this initiative is $15,000.

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